United | Making a Difference for Business

Committed to a strong and vibrant future, Colorado Concern is an exclusive alliance of top executives with a common interest in enhancing and protecting the Centennial State's business climate. Our Mission: More than 110 private sector CEOs and civic leaders from across the state committing business leadership and financial resources to support legislative candidates and statewide policies that ensures a sound economic future for Colorado.

Founded in 1986 by one dozen committed individuals, Colorado Concern's membership now includes more than 110 CEOs and business and community leaders from across the state. The organization is recognized for providing unprecedented access to opinion leaders and elected officials and for its ability to financially support issues and candidates that positively impact the state's economic well-being.

Colorado Concern promotes an environment that maximizes business profitability and certainty. The organization has a stake in the well-being of the state, and the collective interests of its members are safeguarded by working collaboratively to ensure Colorado's viability and prosperity.

Strategic | Areas of Focus

To make progress toward this important goal, Colorado Concern has developed a strong and positive policy agenda for 2016. This includes:

Defeating the state-run health care ballot initiative known as Colorado Care: This initiative would impose a new $25 billion annual tax – nearly equal in size to the state government’s total annual budget. The effect of passage of such a measure would also include the creation of a new mega bureaucracy to replace insurers in health care delivery, the likely rationing of health care services, extended waiting lists for treatment, and the certain loss of thousands of Colorado jobs. We need to be sure that innovation and better health outcomes are the norm by stopping this costly experiment from becoming law.

Bringing about reform to our construction defects laws: We need to focus on expanding, not curtailing, opportunities for homeownership by reforming our state's outdated construction defects laws – laws that stand in the way of the construction of attainable, affordable condominiums, which are often the first rung on the ladder of homeownership, especially for millennials who are looking to take advantage of Colorado’s strong job market.

Strengthening the state’s constitution: The current ballot initiative process allows for too much experimentation from moneyed out-of-state interests. Like the US Constitution, amendments should be rare in order to maintain stability. Similarly, amendments should be vetted by citizens in every part of the state.

In this podcast, we take a look at the intersection of business and politics in Colorado.

Committed | A Message From Our President and CEO

Mike Kopp

Colorado is blessed with a business community that cares deeply about this state, its citizens and our shared future. The Western spirit is one where people come together and work hard to see that our tomorrows are always better than our yesterdays.

That balanced, bipartisan focus is what the members of Colorado Concern - as individual CEOs and as a united, forward-looking organization - have brought to critical public debates and issues over the years. We have succeeded in bringing Colorado together to face and surmount tough challenges.

Today is no different. As Colorado's jobs climate continues to trend positively we are confronted with the opportunity to press forward and accelerate the adoption of the Colorado common-sense policy solutions that will place us first among the states - and a growing player in the global marketplace.

Colorado Concern's leaders remain keenly focused on the Centennial State's future. Our mission is to ensure that the decisions that are made by our elected leaders, and through the ballot box, are aligned with a vision that leads to a healthy, robust and growing economy.

That is the prism through which we evaluate the success of elected officials, and Colorado as a whole. We publicly applaud, and financially support, those candidates in either party who embrace a business- friendly legislative agenda.

At Colorado Concern, "corporate citizenship" is not just a buzz phrase. We strongly believe that the responsibility of business leaders is to become involved in the civic conversation, thereby being active and present in shaping the future of our wonderful state.

If you share this vision, we would welcome your ideas and your participation as a member of Colorado Concern.

We are fortunate indeed to live in a place where our economic vibrancy can and must match our unparalleled scenic beauty and quality of life. We invite you to join us in this vital mission.

Mike Kopp

President and CEO

Our Mission: Colorado Concern is a statewide CEO-based organization devoted to investing in and
promoting a pro-business environment through the political process