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March, 2 2016

Mike Kopp


The legislative session rumbles along at a slow rate, highlighted now and then by each party killing off the "platform" bills offered by the other.

Bills that we hope will gain bipartisan support and are working on are taking shape little by little. For example, building a legislative fix to the state's construction defects laws is underway. It's slow but many legislators feel pressure to resolve this matter because a dozen local governments in the area recently have taken definitive action by putting reforms in place since the state has not. This includes Denver, Lakewood and Aurora. Some 2.5 million Coloradans, in fact, live in cities that have enacted reform policies.

Our position is that we want meaningful reform, not merely the passage of a bill, so that home prices come down and builders can construct for sale multi-family projects again. It is unlikely that this legislative session will produce a result like that, but we are optimistic that we can at least take a small step in that direction.

Speaking of the legislature, as a member you are invited to join me each month as I meet with the party leaders in both houses. The design of these meetings is to foster a dialogue with leading policymakers about the state's business economy. Please see the list of events on the sidebar and register there.

Finally, consider forming your own connection to a legislator. Our board and other members have paired up with both Republicans and Democrats in the house and senate with the plan of meeting together once per quarter to discuss the state's business climate. If you would to join in please email Julia Kiewit: Julia@coloradoconcern.com.


Mike Kopp

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