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How Federal Infrastructure Investments Can Put Coloradans Back to Work

How Federal Infrastructure Investments Can Put Coloradans Back To Work


The COVID-19 emergency has thrown our country, and our state, into an unprecedented economic decline. While drastic public health measures have been necessary to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, these measures triggered a near-total shutdown of the economy. Once the immediate public health crisis has passed, congressional leaders and White House officials have signaled that federal infrastructure spending will be a major priority.

President Trump and Speaker Pelosi have both expressed support for $2 trillion in infrastructure spending. For Colorado, this presents a historic opportunity—and an urgent need—to identify key projects for consideration by Congress and the White House in any future infrastructure program.

To address this need, Colorado Concern organized a coalition of business and civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, local government officials and state legislative leaders to provide federal policymakers with the guidance and support they need to maximize the impact of a national infrastructure program in Colorado.


July 28, 2020