Tom Kim

Founder & Managing Director of r2 advisors

In the Arena with Tom Kim

Tom Kim is the founder and managing director of r2 advisors, a Denver-based turnaround and restructuring consulting firm. He has been a member since 2017. 

Your professional background is in organizational restructuring. What changes need to happen at the Capitol for Colorado to work more efficiently? 

We need to have a more substantive focus on what the legislation does to our economy. If you look at housing affordability, one of the biggest reasons for high prices is regulatory red tape. Developers have so many barriers. They’re dealing with water issues, inflation, and labor shortages. Some of this will even out in time but the structural barriers of regulations will persist unless directly addressed. The legislature needs to be more keenly focused on the impact of their efforts. 

Can you speak to the role of business in Colorado politics?

It should be a large role. People are free to start businesses here in a way that they aren’t in many places around the world, yet there are too many barriers. I have seen these barriers throughout my life. I was an economics major, I studied this in business school, and again in law school. Consumer protections are one thing but we have gone too far in many regulatory efforts. Colorado’s economy should be a major consideration for any policymaker.

Why are you a member of Colorado Concern?

Being involved from a policy standpoint is important. The business community must remain engaged. The last thing we should do is disengage from the process because it’s complex or difficult. The Colorado Concern board and leadership is the most effective team at the intersection of policy and business. Every interaction you have is substantive. Colorado Concern has the best platform to provide the best input because it’s not a Chamber of Commerce and it’s not an industry lobbying group. I’ve always said it’s bipartisan, but really it’s nonpartisan.

Rapid Fire Round:

Who inspires you? My wife Rebecca is my inspiration right now

What is your favorite place in Colorado?  My home

What are you reading?  12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. PetersonThe Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care) by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer

What is your favorite restaurant? The Perfect Landing at the Centennial Airport

June 22, 2022