Mike Kopp

President & CEO

Mike Kopp is the President and CEO of Colorado Concern, an alliance of top business executives with a mission of enhancing the Centennial State’s business climate.  The organization sees Denver as the state’s reputational center.

Mike’s career began as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. In Ranger School he seized upon and never let go of the Ranger Creed’s line, “Surrender is not a Ranger word.”  He believes this phrase has been instrumental in his own leadership formation.

Mike has been called upon to provide leadership in a variety of settings from ministry, to business to public office and board work.  He has worked closely with governors and CEO’s to create breakthrough solutions in housing, transportation, tax policy and regulatory reform.

Mike thrives on challenge and the outdoors. He is a former Republican candidate for governor, an Ironman 70.3 athlete and Leadville 100 racer.  Mike and his family enjoy spending time together on their family ranch near the Black Hills where their focus is on conservation, regenerative agriculture and grass-fed cattle.

After eight wonderful years as the President and CEO of Colorado Concern, Mike announced that he will step down in December 2023 in order to make a transition into the private sector.

February 13, 2018