Mark Patteson

Vice President DJ Basin, Noble Energy

Mark joined ARCO Oil and Gas in 1981 working in offshore and onshore locations.  From 1990-1995, Mark worked with ARCO International Oil and Gas Operations in multiple locations.

Mark joined Vastar Resources in 1995, working in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico Shelf Drilling Group.

BP acquired Vastar in 2000 and Mark worked for the Gulf of Mexico Business Unit.  Mark moved to lead BP’s lower 48 US Drilling and Completions Organization in 2005.  This included operations in Wyoming, Texas and Oklahoma.  The role was later expanded to include Drilling, Completions and Intervention operations in the Lower 48 of the US, Alaska, Canada, and the Middle East Regions.

Mark joined Noble Energy in 2012 and now is the Vice President of the DJ Basin based in the Denver office.

Mark and Nancy Patteson have been married for 33 years.  They are the proud parents of two sons working the industry and a daughter working as a CPA.

March 8, 2019