Mary Zappone

CEO and Director, Sundyne

With more than 25 years senior management experience at diverse global companies, Mary Zappone was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sundyne, LLC in July 2021.

Zapponeā€™s skill at transforming processes to drive revenue growth while creating environments that foster breakthroughs from multi-level teams have made her a respected leader throughout her career. A top-tier strategist, she has forged an impressive record of success in areas ranging from merger integration, portfolio management, and commercial negotiations to cost reduction initiatives, new product development, and performance management systems.

Prior to joining Sundyne, Zappone served as CEO of 3 other Private Equity portfolio companies. Prior to her PE experience, she held high-influence management positions with business giants such as Exxon, Alcoa, Tyco, General Electric, & McKinsey & Company.

Zappone holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

July 26, 2022