Shaun Egan

President and CEO, Iron Woman Construction

Shaun Egan has been an executive and owner in the transportation, logistics, materials management, and the construction business for almost 30 years. He is the President and CEO of Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services, LLC, a multi-dimensional construction company with over 200 pieces of equipment, including a fleet of more than 100 trucks and trailers, and 300 employees including 15 utility, civil, and environmental crews. As the owner of Iron Woman, Shaun stresses the importance of core values and has fostered a culture where employees are the most important asset and customer service is one of its overarching business principles. Under Shaun’s guidance, Iron Woman has a proven track record and is an industry leader in safety. Iron Woman’s mantra is, “Safety, Quality, and Production.”

Shaun’s work at Iron Woman includes project, program, and division management; policy development; creation of public-private partnerships; and sustainable redevelopment. Projects encompass environmental remediation, waste stream characterization, pollution prevention and recycling, technology innovation and transfers, and multi-million-dollar economic redevelopment. Throughout his career, Shaun has championed responsible stewardship of natural resources locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. He accomplished this by accessing internal company resources, growing business capacity or creating partnerships.

In a prior life, Shaun worked in Washington, D.C., first as a staff member to Senator Max Baucus, responsible for legislation in the Environment and Public Works Committee, and then as a lobbyist for the Western Regional Council representing natural resources, financial, and energy production and distribution companies headquartered throughout 17 western states. In addition to working on Capitol Hill and a short stint at the Environmental Protection Agency, Shaun has owned a number of successful businesses including, Western Environmental Services and Technologies (WEST) International, Western States’ Oilfield Services, Iron Woman Express Roll-Off, and Big Sky Commercial Properties.

Western Environmental Services and Technology: As President of Western Environmental Services and Technology (WEST) International, Shaun was responsible for all aspects of operations, business development, and financial management.  WEST focused on commercializing proven remediation and waste-to-energy technology and identifying projects in Southeast Asia. Shaun established an executive exchange program for US and Asian energy executives. Domestically, he secured federal funding through EPA’s Mine Waste Technology Program to commercially test Micro-filtration technology, originally developed by Coors Ceramic, to reduce the environmental and biological impacts of acid mine drainage emanating from new construction in Blackhawk, Colorado.

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Shaun was responsible for the design and implementation of the US EPA Region VIII’s strategy to modify state environmental self-audit laws required for federally-delegated environmental programs and assisted in successful negations for these programs in Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. While in this role, Shaun also designed and initiated the Region VIII Sustainable Communities Forum.

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