2019 Member Survey

Annual Policy Survey

This fall, one third of active members responded to the annual policy survey. An analysis of major themes can be found below.

Propositions on the Nov 5th Ballot:

Our members were divided on the Ref CC but largely united in support of Ref DD. For those who were supporting Ref CC, the largest issue driver was transportation. This makes sense as transportation and infrastructure funding has been a primary concern for this community for many years. We are meeting with Governor Polis next week to discuss transportation funding and will continue to focus on this issue area. Water planning also emerged as an issue area worthy of consideration for this community. 

Health Care:

Members showed strong support for Colorado Concern making healthcare a priority issue. While a wide range of opinions on healthcare were expressed, there was agreement on the statement “the state should not create an entity that competes with private companies for business.” Since this survey was conducted, the state has released a draft proposal for their public option. This proposal recommends a mandate for insurance carriers to provide a new insurance option designed by the state, as opposed to creating a new entity that compete with those same providers. Colorado Concern has taken issue with much of the proposal as it currently stands as can be seen in this public comment letter, collaboratively drafted with REMI Partnership. This community’s resistance to a state entity competing with the private market will inform our advocacy around the new Family and Medical Leave Program (FAMLI) currently being studied ahead of the 2020 session as the FAMLI task force is actively considering a state managed plan. We will remain involved in these issues and will keep you apprised of relevant changes. 

Colorado Concern Legislative Proposals:

Survey respondents signaled support for two proposals Colorado Concern is working on ahead of the 2020 session. These proposals include occupational licensing reform and rule making transparency.


This community is largely supportive of Right to Work legislation (77%) and unsupportive of the Labor Peace Act (66%).

Artificial Limits to Growth & Affordable Housing:

There was unanimous support for Colorado Concern taking action to oppose artificial limits to growth across the state. This issue is intrinsically linked to affordable housing and transportation, two other areas of importance to this community. In this survey, 95% of respondents thought it was important for Colorado Concern to create and support market-based solutions to improve Colorado’s stock of affordable housing. These will remain priority issue areas.


All respondents thought the problem of homelessness has either remained unchanged or was getting worse and 54% thought that the current approaches were less than effective. Almost all respondents were personally interested in creating new, or improving existing, solutions to this problem but there was no consensus on whether a solution should be statewide or regionally managed. 


A need to prioritize transportation arose in several survey questions. This is a cornerstone issue for Colorado Concern and, at the recommendation of 63% of respondents, our future recommendations are likely to include funding the tier one capital project and maintenance backlog and funding transit related/alternative mobility projects simultaneously. 

Climate Change:

Climate change did not emerge as a priority for local governments or this community.

October 28, 2019